Each of these artists have released material with Tectorum Tapes. Because of that, they're our most legendary supporters, and we owe them everything.



Photo by Yumi Naito

Photo by Yumi Naito


Powlos is an ambient/experimental music producer and sound designer from the UK. His work has appeared on Archives, Kage Recordings, Gloam Recordings, and Newlab Records.

Vol. Two

Lost Trail

Lost Trail is the ambient/drone/shoegaze project of husband and wife duo Zachary and Denny Corsa. Utilizing lo-fi, obsolete recording technology, they aim to capture a sense of atmosphere and landscape in both man-made and natural, wild environments.

Darren McClure

Darren McClure is a sound artist living in Matsumoto, Japan.  His work focuses on texture, space and atmosphere.  Sound sources are both analogue and digital, hardware and software, incorporating found sounds and field recordings to lend an organic, tactile quality to the pieces. 


Norlin is a dark ambient musician from Zagreb, Croatia. Little is known about him. His 2014 album, Æther, is self-described as "ambiance on the edge of breakup." Tao 道, Norlin's most recent release, features the same track, Mù (木), that appears on Vol. Two.


Jack Williams has been producing and writing music since the mere age of twelve, dabbling in many different styles. It isnt until recently that he has honed his production style of ambient, drone and experimental music. Now 17, he has a full length album, numerous eps, and two other aliases alongside his main name, CloudBurn.

Photo by Lily Bleyer, instagram: lilybl.ue

Photo by Lily Bleyer, instagram: lilybl.ue


Túrion is the Ambient project of Jaap van Hamond, also known for his Drum & Bass and Electronica productions as Pulsate. This project focuses on using Ambient and Drone music as a means to tell a story, to give the listener the chance to experience that story in their own unique, imaginative way.

MIDnight Tau

MiDnight Tau is a Georgian ambient, drone, ritual, post-rock, post-metal, and shoegaze project using mostly theremin and Tesla coil. He is one part of the post-rock/shoegaze duo, Synesthesy of Aether, and a part of the post-metal band, Rings of Moon. 

T. Jervell

Norwegian T. Jervelle makes musique concrète compositions containing sounds collected from everyday life and locations in Lofoten, Norway. These sounds are manipulated in real time on a modular system, and further edited and mangled on computer. He draws inspiration from the arctic nature and the mountains of Lofoten.

Nathan Moody

Nathan Moody is a multi-disciplinary artist living in the San Francisco Bay Area. He is a sound designer, audio recordist, motion graphics artist, interactive installation designer, graphic designer, photographer, and illustrator. His music blends atonality with melody, organic with synthetic, soundscape with structure. 

J.L. Maire

J.L. Maire is an electronic music living in Spain. He works mainly using modular synth (eurorack, buchla, etc.). His music has appeared on CD and CD-R: Etudes for the 200e, Concierto en SONIKAS XI, ..., and he has performed live at experimental music festivals like SONIKAS and ERTZ.

Steve Flato

Steve Flato is a composer/improviser from San Diego, CA. Often using microtonal guitar and manipulated samples/electronicsfrom his archive of sounds, he employs an amalgam of techniques to explore the genres and styles of experimental music and otherwise. Imperfection is a primary inspiration and motivation.


Chemosit is the brainchild of electronic composer Timothy Young. Inspired by futurism and Eastern philosophy, his synthesized constructs suggest that the secrets of eternity can be found in the moment by exploiting fundamental symmetries through technology.

Vol. One

Undercover Brother

Undercover Brother is the solo projet of audio/visual artist Emmanuel Malin, focusing on drones, ambient, complex sonic textures coming straight from the cold and rainy harbor city of Hamburg. He builds his soundscapes as collages, and believes music is storytelling; each layered piece of recorded sounds has a story to tell.

Viewed from above

Viewed from above got his start in Germany's rave scene in the 90s, first making music on an Amiga 500 and, later, classic techno hardware. He draws inspiration from influential artists like The Orb and The Future Sound Of London. His sounds range from drones and soundscapes to more rhythmic oriented material.


Severence is an electronic sound artist living in Spain. He creates experimental ambient soundscapes using a eurorack modular synth, a mixing desk, and various effects pedals. His music has appeared on BineMusic, Mensch, Area 51, and Shoreless Recordings.


Proud/Father is an all tape recording project from the ruins of New Orleans, Louisiana, featuring noise bursts, tape collages, shoegaze-esque distortion/reverb, and analogue synthesizers.

Cave Space

Cave Space is the curator and designer of Tectorum Tapes. His music focuses on ambiance, drone, cassette interview manipulation, and experimentation through restrictively small modular instruments. Occasionally, his strange vinyl collection is played for the public.


Monochromacy is the solo project of Esteban Flores (Beware We Are The Werewolves of Belial, Looming, Mudhead). He creates minimalistic drones saturated with affecting chords, overblown to complete cacophony as volume and amplification become instrument. It is meditation music for the end times.


Mostly focused on drone and ambient, Michael Lutomsk's solo project, Okkoto, channels influences from the world of impressionistic music in the hopes of communicating the heavy and beautiful found all around us. He is also the drummer and a founding member of the instrumental heavy psych band It's Not Night: It's Space.


Amulets is the solo project of Austin-based audio/visual artist Randall Taylor. He employs handmade cassette tape loops and live processed guitar loops to create live, lush soundscapes and immersive drones. These long-form compositions blur the genres of ambient, drone, noise, and electronic music.