Vol. One - Compilation

Lush ambient spaces, dark and brooding drones, noise from tangled wires, a flooding city... Tectorum Tapes - Vol. One is a journey through organic sound construction. Here you'll find a melding of human and machine, of ideologies on magnetic tape, of smoke and dust from the pyre of creation. Listen, and be a part of the collaboration.

Genres: Ambient, Drone, Dark, Experimental

Vol. Two -  Compilation

Crumbling streets, the mountains of Lofoten, cinematic rumbles, an inorganic pond, colors from the moon... Tectorum Tapes - Vol. Two is a refined mineral, rescued from deep within the Earth. Here the celestial bodies align, a being from the stars appears, and all is righted, if only for a moment. 

Genres: Ambient, Drone, Cinematic, Musique concrète

Shaman | Orrorin - Cave Space, Powlos

A sonic snapshot of activism and artistry, subtle tones, low fidelity opposition to mass surveillance, interviews about inequality... Shaman | Orrorin is a melding of related and unrelated ideas, of us listening and them not listening. Hear what we say, whether or not we say anything at all.

Genres: Ambient, Drone, Experimental, Found Sound